"Pour Offroad is a Veteran Owned coffee company serving premium coffee to those with an offroad state of mind. Founded in 2023, by Navy Veteran Heather Joas, Pour Offroad embraces the significant impact that the offroad community brings to those who are a part of it and strives to preserve its heritage by giving back to its conservation. Based in Boerne, TX, Pour Offroad boasts a guaranteed fresh coffee, roasting their beans the same day they are shipped. Running off caffeine and gasoline in everything they do, every purchase made supports the offroad community and its way of life."

Founder's Story

Whether it’s on 2 wheels, a set of legs, in the water, or a built up 4x4 - adventure, off-road and the outdoors are a lifestyle. It’s that exact lifestyle of soul - soothing freedom that inspired our founder, Heather Joas, to form this brand in 2023. Heather’s story is incredible and if you ever get a chance to sit with her over a glass of .. well anything, you definitely should take the chance. As for the formation of her coffee company, Pour Offroad, here’s the skinny: 

From the moment Heather hopped in her uncle’s Jeep while learning to drive, she was hooked on the wind in her hair and the open road. There’s nothing that paints a picture more free than a 16 year-old, country bumpkin, in a bright yellow Jeep, cruising her way down a backroad to a swimming hole, right? Little did she know how much that taste of freedom would mean to her later down the road.

She would eventually join the United States Navy as a welder and firefighter. While serving she was injured, ultimately leading her to an extended stay in the Wounded Warrior Care Unit, an even longer stay in an electric wheelchair, and eventually leading to her retirement from military service. It was during this period of her life, that soul-soothing lifestyle we talked about earlier really started to shine. She owned a Jeep prior to her injury and though she couldn’t get up and walk (or drive for that matter), her friends began busting her out of the hospital, tossing her in that Jeep, and taking her for day cruises just to get the wind back in her hair.

There was something about the silence, the unspoken camaraderie between nature and people - amongst the wind, sunshine, scenery, and dirt roads that took everything else away, just for a little while. It became like therapy. It was a soothing that she so desperately needed during her recovery - something no doctor or medicine could ever supply.

After retiring, the open air still kept its charm. Heather had her jeep fitted with a wheelchair carrier and continued to use it as an avenue to healing. She began to realize that there was so much more to it all than what had met that 16 year old, country bumpkin’s eye so many years before. What it comes down to really, is that this lifestyle brews a feeling in your soul. No matter which way you pour it, that’s really what life is all about. Knowing what the outdoors, adventure, and life off-road did for her; she decided to pursue finding a way to share it and give back to it in any way she could.

Bring on the coffee! To most, those magic beans we brew in the morning are a pretty sacred thing, and as you’ve surely gathered at this point, so is life off-road. Pour Offroad was founded to bring that match made in heaven together and make a difference in it’s communities. It is Heather’s ultimate goal here at Pour Offroad to grow this company to a point where it can not only give back, but give back generously to the preservation of the off-road lifestyle and keep it going for people who need it for years to come.