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Tea Combo Pack

Tea Combo Pack

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Rev up your tea game with our Tea Combo Pack! Take new trails with all 5 of our offroad teas. This pack includes 3 oz each of Pucker Factor Peach Paradise, Bump It! Masala Chai, Pick N' Pull Apple Cider Rooibos, Articulation English Breakfast, and Skinny Pedal Mango Treat. Satisfy your cravings and experience new flavors with this ultimate combo. Goodbye boring tea, hello delicious journey!

Want to modify your gifting game? Select the "Gift Box" option below and we'll have these beauties packaged in our signature Pour Box with a Custom Message from you and Pack-In Stickers.

Pucker Factor Peach Paradise - No adventure is complete without at least one Pucker moment! Fruity peach, sour cranberry and smooth notes of rose, create the perfect amount of anticipation and paradise all in one cup. A fantastic and refreshing cup both hot and cold.

Bump It! - Masala Chai - The bold and spicy character of Indian Masala Chai - full-bodied, aromatic, and intense. Great as a traditional chia served with milk and sugar but is also an invigorating drink on its own. It's bold, it's spicy, it's everything you could want in a Masala Chai tea and offroad adventure.

Pick N' Pull - Apple Rooibos - Get ready for any offroad affair with our herbal blend, the Apple Cider Rooibos tea! This naturally caffeine-free blend features the popular Rooibos (pronounced ROY-bos) tea from South Africa, aka Red Bush Tea, renowned for its health benefits. We've elevated the classic flavor by adding in spicy cinnamon, zesty orange peel, and other natural spices for a premium cup of tea you won't forget. Enjoy this unique and delicious fall flavor all year long!

Articulation - English Breakfast - Sip on this Articulation! This blend of African and Indian tea is the perfect balance of simplicity and strength. Not too complicated but strong enough to handle a splash of milk and a sprinkle of sugar, giving you a sweet, wholesome cup that will bring you good vibes all day wherever the trails may lead. 

Skinny Pedal Mango Treat - Delightfully sweet, effortlessly smooth, and uniquely perfect to sip no matter what season you are adventuring in. Enjoy it as a steaming hot cup or as an unbelievably refreshing tea over ice. With the addition of a touch of mango, this fruit-infused tea offers a delightful blend of flavors that makes it an always suitable choice to pour. 

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